Services Spotlight:


  • This letter is to the team of Corlew Solutions,

    Your skills have truly out done your competitors. Our site and internal email system has never worked so flawless. We have gone through two companies so far, and after seven months of being with your company we have not encountered one issue. We are a small company growing faster then expected; it is a relief to know that our tech support will not be one of the problem areas I will have to correct.

    Thank you, you are truly a GOD send.

    Jessie Grantham, President, ICG

  • From a preschool parent of one of our clients,

    "The website is awesome, and such an improvement from what was up there before. I love it, congrats! "


  • Dear Corlew Solutions,

    I just want to express my sincere thanks for your ability to understand my technical
    "issues" (otherwise known as difficulties) without me having to explain them technically!
    Although I only know the basics of the basics and can barely explain my frustration, you
    get it immediately. Whether it is Internet issues, wireless issues, or programming issues, you guys are the master.

    Thanks for all your help and "can do" attitude when I'm ready to go back to paper and pen. The Appletree School is grateful to have your skills at our beck and call. It is good to know that you enjoy keeping up with the minute-by-minute changes of the tech world and that Appletree, through you, will be tech savvy!

    Katie M., The Appletree Preschool

  • I want to extend to you my sincere gratitude for cleaning the hard drives on my computers. I know you spent considerable time making sure that the machines were in proper order. I was really delighted when I got them back; not only did they work 1000% better, but they also were a lot cleaner and more presentable.

    I am involved in a project that may result in a book about my family and found to my horror that I did not have one reliable portable that I could use. Thank you very much for changing that. Now, I have no excuses for not getting on with this project.

    Please do not hesitate if ever I can return the favor that you have done me.


  • I want to thank you guys for the great website and wonder support you have been giving us. Our previously website looked so plain compared to what we have now and we've been getting a regular stream of compliments since the new one launched. I thoroughly enjoyed working with your team and I'm reassured knowing we have someone available to help us with technical problems.

    Chris S, Director, First Steps Academy

  • We have been using Corlew Solutions to assist us on a Java project for over a year. While Java is not a technology the developers regularly used, they were able to adapt quickly and provide us with high quality JSP code. They have consistently met or beat task time estimates and their experience with web apps on other platforms has proved to be a tremendous asset. I would highly recommend this group if you are considering them for your next project.

    Brian P, Minibar