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GIGABYTE P37X v6 PC4D 17.3inch FHD Laptop Review

Written By Corlew Solutions
Updated March 2, 2017
Published February 22, 2017
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We recently purchased a GIGABYTE P37X v6 PC4D 17.3 inch gaming laptop for development at Corlew Solutions and decided to share our thoughts in case anyone else is considering purchasing one. Weight, size, performance and style were our primary evaluation considerations and the P37X v6 generally rates well in all areas. In particular, we were looking for a thin gaming laptop that didn’t weigh too much, didn’t look too gaudy (which is important for those time when meeting with clients) and had great power for gaming development. After working with the laptop for several months now, we’re generally happy although there is definitely room for improvement.

For the purpose of this review, we’re going to focus on the information we would have most liked to have known before purchasing the P37X v6. We assume you can find for more detailed info, pictures and coverage of the laptop on other sites. So with that, let’s dive in.


The specs for the P37X v6 in this review are:

  • Display: 17.3" Full HD 1920x1080
  • CPU: i7-6700HQ
  • Graphics Card:GEFORCE GT 1070
  • Memory: DDR4-2400 8Gx2
  • Storage: M.2(PCIe) SSD512G+HDD1T(7200)
  • OS: Window 10 Home

What We Don’t Like

Desktop Performance

To put it bluntly, the desktop performance of the P37X v6 doesn’t feel right. There are unexpected pauses when opening a menu or application. There’s a subtle delay that seems to be everywhere. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the problem might be. Is it a Windows 10 issue? Is it a problem with the SSD drive? Bad drivers? Maybe it’s a combination of things.

We’ve tried reinstalling a fresh copy of the OS and changing the Windows Power Options to make sure the SDD and CPU are being fully used. None of that seemed. The one thing that did appear to help was installing drivers, directly from Intel, for the onboard Graphics, Bluetooth, wireless and chipset components. The drivers GIGABYTE provides on are significantly older than the drivers provided by Intel (you never know if you’re losing custom changes made by the vendor when you go that route, but we haven’t noticed any problems).

It’s hard to say if the driver updates really fixed things or if we’re just trying to convince ourselves that we made the problem better. The frustrating thing is the 2D performance seems fine when we benchmark it with PassMark. There’s just something in our gut telling us that the Desktop Perfomance and experience should be better for a laptop this powerful.


The P37X v6 gets hot; REALLY hot. With normal desktop usage, it’s not too bad. If you’re playing a movie or a video game you’re not going to want this on your lap without some protection.


The fan is loud when it kicks on during a heavy gaming session. This is to be expected; the laptop puts out alot power, and therefore alot of heat, which needs to be moved.

What We Like

3D Performance

The 3D gaming performance of the P37X v6 is great. We haven’t had any problem running high end Oculus Rift VR applications or graphically intensive games. The power cord will need to be plugged in to get the full gaming power, but laptops in general can’t operate at max performance on battery power alone so this is expected.

Style & Build Quality

Overall, the P37X v6 looks great. There aren’t many powerful laptops on the market that aren’t bling-ed out with bright colors and over the top aesthetics. The P37X v6 looks like it belongs to a gentleman who just wants a sharp, quality looking computer that can kick tail when needed.

If we are unhappy with anything on the P37X v6, it’s the buttons on the track pad; they’re a little stiff. However, the track pad can simulate clicks with taps which removes the need to actually push the buttons. We found it very easy to adjust to this method of input and wish it were present on other laptops in our office.

The case also shows fingerprints and smudges pretty clearly, although the smudges tend to blend in with each other the more you use the laptop.

All and all, we’re very happy with the form factor of the P37X v6 and consider the above issues to be minor gripes.


The display is great and has excellent color representation and refresh rates. The display does have a little play in it if you try to bend it, but we consider it to be solid; it’s not something we notice during day to day operation.

Size and Weight

The laptop itself weighs 6.40 lbs and the power cord weighs another 1.80 lbs. This is currently about the lightest laptop you’ll find for the amount of power that is packed into the machine. With the lid opened, the distance from the desk to the keypad is 10/16th of an inch. With the lid closed, the P37X v6 is 13/16th inches thick. It’s 11.25 inches deep and 16.25 inches wide.

It’s obviously not as thin or light as a Macbook or Razer Blade, but it packs way more power so it was a trade-off we were willing to make.

Closing Thoughts

All-in-all we’re happy with the laptop. The P37X v6 can be found for just under $2000 USD which makes it an attractive balance of power, weight, size and quality. Other than the 2D performance issue we don’t have any major complaints. Hopefully future updates to Windows 10 or new drivers will make the desktop experience run a little smoother.

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