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How To Stop Photo Gallery from Prompting About Opening JXR Files?

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Updated August 1, 2014
Published July 31, 2014
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Article Technology Info

This article discusses the following technologies:

  • Windows 7 - A popular proprietary operating system from Microsoft.

When opening Photo Gallery (or Windows Live Photo Gallery), you may be asked if you would like to set Photo Gallery as the default application for JXR files. Unfortunately, the application has a hard time making the association and even if you say yes, the program will re-ask you the next time you open application.

Would you like to use Photo Gallery to open these types of files? JXR

Would you like to use Photo Gallery to open these types of files? JXR

Some solutions recommend reinstalling Windows Essentials or running Photo Gallery as administrator before making a selection on the dialog. None of those solutions worked for us, however, it is possible to manually set the association outside of Photo Gallery and kill that annoying dialog forever. Let’s get started!


To the stop the dialog from appearing, we will simply set Photo Gallery or Windows Live Photo Gallery as the default program for JXR files. The key here is to do this through Windows and avoid Photo Gallery which obviously has a bug.

  • Click the Start Orb and type Default Programs in the Run Dialog.
  • On the windows that opens, select the Associate a file type or protocol with a program link.
  • Look for a .jxr file extension.

If it exists…

  • Select it and press the Change program button in the top right of the window.
  • In the dialog that pops up, find and choose Photo Gallery or Windows Live Photo Gallery application.

If it does not exist, we will have to add a new extension.

  • First close the Default Programs dialog (we won’t be needing it anymore). Next, create a new text file on the desktop and give it a .jxr extension.
  • Now, double click on the new file to open it. You will be prompted with a dialog stating that windows doesn’t recognize the extension. Choose the Select a program from a list of installed programs and then find and select the Photo Gallery or Window Live Photo Gallery application. This will associate the .jxr extension with Windows Photo Gallery.
  • Photo Gallery will open and complain about not being able to open the file. This is ok since our dummy .jxr file is not a valid image file. Close Photo Gallery.
  • If you like, you can go back into the Default Programs list of file associations and verify the .jxr extension is now in the list.
  • Now, open Photo Gallery or Windows Live Photo Gallery. This time, you will not be prompted with the JXR dialog.

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