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Internet Marketing

Marketing your organization or product is key to achieving your goals. It's a timeless concept that has been extended to the internet; to get customers you have to market. We've worked with a number of businesses to help create an online marketing strategy that has dramatically improved their effectiveness; whether you want to take the time and build up your visibility by investing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), focus on getting immediate results with paid online advertising, or invest in social media marketing, we can supply the expertise needed for your success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO for short) is the process of improving the ranking of your website in search engine results. When people use Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc... to search for content, ideally we want your organization or product to show up at the top of the list (certainly on the first page of results). If your website does not appear on the first page, you are very likely missing out on a significant number of users and customers.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to flip a switch and have your website appear at the top of results. It takes significant planning, trial & error, and time. There are a couple reasons why SEO is not an exact science:

  • Search engines keep their ranking methods secret so they can help prevent abuse and provide the best possible content to their users.
  • Search engines change over time and they often invalidate techniques that worked in the past.
  • Results are not immediate. If we change something on a website hoping to improve the ranking results, it can take weeks before an effect is seen.

As a result, when we perform SEO, we focus on aspects that are approved by search engines and likely to remain valid for the long-haul. If you are interested in learning more about what SEO can do for your organization or product, we can help.

Our SEO strategy:

  • Content & Keyword Analysis makes sure you have the best possible content that helps search engines understand what your webpages are about.
  • Link Building & External Content lets search engines see more websites pointing to your website which tells search engines that your site is important.
  • Performance Improvements takes advantage of most search engine's preference for faster loading web pages.
  • Code Validation takes advantage of most search engine's pereference for well formatted, error free webpages.
  • Secret Sauce includes our closely guarded techniques we have learned over time. :)

Google Adwords, Bing Ads

All of the major search engines provide an advertising program that let's people buy their way onto the front page instead of relying on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (see above). Whereas SEO takes time to improve your rankings in search engine results, advertising programs can provide immediate results; as soon as you decide to advertise online, your website or product can be on the front page of every major search engine.

Another big advantage to advertising on search engines is the cost; it's very affordable. You completely control your marketing budget and can pause your advertising campaign or make changes any time you want. In just a couple of hours, we can setup a search engine marketing campaign and within 24 hours you will likely see a significant increase in traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Depending on the sector/industry of your business or product, Social Media Marketing can be an extremely important asset. We can help navigate your organization through the world of Facebook, Twitter, etc... and expose your products & message in our social networking circles which are already established.

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What is SEO?

When a user goes to a search engine and performs a search, the search engine will display a list of web pages it "thinks" best match the users criteria. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is process of making web pages "bubble up" to the top of the list.

Why Invest In SEO?

The simple answer is visibility and money. Web pages at the top of the search engine results page are far more likely to be visited then sites after the first page.

Sites that rank above your site are likely using SEO on some level as well as your competitors.

Colew Solutions Pillars of SEO

Our strategy for helping your website rise to the top:

  1. Focus on great site content
  2. Attract links from external sites
  3. Fast loading web pages
  4. Error free and standard HTML/CSS
  5. Leverage our secret techniques :)

Organic vs Paid Search Results

The results page of every major search engine have two main areas - organic & paid. The organic (or free) area shows pages that Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc... feel best match the users search criteria. You do not have to pay anything to get on this list and you can use SEO to help rank better in this area. However, the search engines also have a paid area which let people pay their way into a better spot.

Which Is Better?

There are advantages to both. Mast people would prefer to be at the top of the free list of websites. It can take time and money (significant time & money if your site is in a highly competitive sector), but once you are there, your ongoing costs significantly drop. Paid advertising will shoot you to the top immediately, but does not involve much time, but you will have to support an ongoing marketing budget.