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Mobile Development

Mobile websites and applications are a rapidly growing market. Unlike most web development companies that are based on graphic design and marketing, Corlew Solutions is rooted firmly in Software Development. We can develop native applications on all popular mobile devices or customize websites to look good on smaller screen sizes.

Mobile Applications & Apps

Native mobile applications play to the strength of our development teams. We are able to leverage decades of experience in application development on the desktop & web to efficiently develop applications on mobile devices. Whether you're developing a game, social networking app or utility, we understand the frameworks and principles that will help make your application successful. We apply the same commitment to quality we use when developing full desktop applications or web applications.

Mobile platforms we support:

  • iOS (Objective C)
  • Android (Java)
  • Windows Phone (C#, .NET)

Mobile Friendly Websites (Responsive Design)

When mobile devices became popular a couple years ago, it became fashionable for organizations to develop custom applications to view the website on those devices. Aside from looking nice and serving as a presence in the "app store" of the particular device, these custom applications did not add much value considering the tremendous development cost. Most users in fact preferred to visit a website through their phone or tablet's web browser instead of the custom application, even though the websites weren't optimized for the smaller screens.

Responsive web design solves this problem by sending a mobile formatted webpage to a user who's viewing the site from a mobile device and a desktop formatted webpage to a user who's viewing the website on a larger desktop monitor. Although the development cost will increase since a layout has to be designed and built for each screen size you want to target, it is far less costly than having to build multiple native apps and more user friendly in some situations. For the right website, this can be a very effective solution for usability problems.

Other benefits of mobile friendly websites include:

  • Devices can be supported as you are ready to make the investment.
  • It uses standard web development technology.
  • It is significantly cheaper than building a native application.
  • It can be more user friendly than a native application.
  • It can even be used to help websites look better for different monitor sizes on a desktop
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Mobile App Facts

  • Tablets and PC sales are expected to be even in the next 1 - 2 years.
  • Android powered smartphones have the largest market share.
  • In 2012, 700 million smartphones were shippe worldwide.
  • The average smartphone has 41 apps installed
  • 25% of Americans ONLY use mobile devices to access the internet.