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Ruby On Rails Development Services

Ruby on Rails DeveloperAre you looking for a quality Ruby on Rails developer? If so, then you're in the right place! Corlew Solutions is a passionate Ruby on Rails development company based near Washington D.C., and we're committed to developing top-notch Ruby on Rails applications. We started working with Rails back in 2008 when Rails 2.2 was the latest release and we have used it as our primary development platform ever since. We have enjoyed every minute of it and needless to say, we're "all in" on the Rails train.

Before becoming involved in Ruby on Rails development, our team cut it's teeth on Smalltalk. We believe this has given us a tremendous advantage as Ruby on Rails developers since so much of Ruby on Rails application development borrows directly from Smalltalk. Because of this foundation, we are able to make full use of the entire Ruby on Rails framework while honoring design, object-oriented development and performance.

Custom Ruby On Rails Application Development

Corlew Solutions offers the full range of Ruby on Rails development services needed to design, develop, launch and maintain your Rails application. We have built large and small Ruby on Rails applications, some with a user base of over 60,000 people. All of our Ruby on Rails developers are degreed Software Engineers who have studied and worked in web application development and User Interface design.

Some Of Our Favorite Gems

  • Capistrano
  • Carrierwave
  • Devise
  • Prawn
  • OmniAuth

Libraries We Frequently Use With Rails

  • jQuery
  • backbone.js
  • Underscore.js
  • Moment.js

Sample Code

If you would like to view sample Ruby on Rails development code, please check out our open source Corelib gem on Github. Corelib is a collection of Ruby methods and patterns we have added to Ruby and Rails. It gives us a common place to add features to Rails and Ruby so we don't have to recreate the wheel on various projects. It's a good example of our ability to create gems and use test driven development with rspec (not that we're big believers in TDD). If you would like to see code samples from full applications, we can make that available as well.

Service Areas / Development Logistics

On-Site: We provide on-site Ruby on Rails development in Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia as well as surrounding areas in Maryland. Our office is based in Fairfax Virginia and more than happy to develop at your facility with your local team.

Off-Site: A off-site arrangement may be more appropriate depending on your location, facilities and preferences. We have worked with many organizations, developers and designers across the country and we are more than happy to travel or attended meetings as needed.

Part-Time Ruby on Rails Developer

From time to time, you may find that you need an extra developer to "plus-up" your development efforts. If you need to sub contract out parts of a project we can integrate with your existing team to offload some of the development. Our Ruby on Rails developers can be a great on-call asset to your business or project.

Ruby on Rails Server Adminstration

Any production Ruby on Rails application will require significant understanding of server administration in order to be successful. It is a virtual certainty that the application will require a moderately powered VPS or scaleable cloud based backend. Our Ruby on Rails developers have all of the experience necessary to build servers that make sense for your particular application.

Some Typical Tasks Our Ruby on Rails Developers Perform

  • Create deployment scripts via Capistrano to reduce downtime between upgrades
  • Apply security patches
  • Provision server resources as the application attracts more users
  • Debug application & database performance issues

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Principles of Software Development
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