Services Spotlight:

Technology Support

Corlew Solutions is dedicated to providing superior technical support to both corporate and home users. In today's wired world, it is becoming increasing important to have a technology savvy resource you can count on to help make wise decisions. Our "uber-geek" engineers are available to provide technology support whether it be at your site, in your home or across the net.

Software Consulting & Training

We love talking to people about software and programming and many of our engineers have given lectures on technology and taught programming courses for educational institutions and private companies.

Some services we offer include:

  • Group Classes/Presentations
  • 1 on 1 Training Sessions
  • Custom Course Development
  • Video Conference Training

Areas we support:

  • 3rd Party Software
  • Many programming languages
  • Software Development Practices
  • Operating Systems
  • Online Services & Cloud Computing

Computer Reformatting

Computers slow down over time. This usually happens as software is installed and uninstalled repeatedly over a period of many months or years, but it can also be a sign of viruses or corrupted settings in the operating system. You could try using software programs designed to speed up and fix your computer, but these all have mixed results. We have found that the absolute best way to make a cranky computer fast again is to break out the big guns and reformat.

Reformatting will wipe almost everything off your hard drive (including your operating system) and give you a fresh start. It's more labor intensive than installing a "clean-up" software program, but your computer will run as good as new (and sometimes even better than new). It also has the added benefit of wiping out any viruses that happen to be around and you will be brought up to the latest version of drivers and software during the process.

We can help reformat your computer in many ways:

  • Data Backup - We can backup your data if you don't have enough storage space (although we recommend against allowing 3rd parties to access your data - even us).
  • Flexible Locations - We can come to your location, perform the reformat at our location or even walk you through the steps over the phone if you seek adventure.
  • Training - We can teach you how to reformat your computer during the process, let you drive while we provide advice or handle everything for you.

What to expect?

  • The process can take between 1.5 - 4 hours depending the speed of your computer, the number of programs needing reinstall and the amount of data that needs backed-up.

Virus Removal & Protection

Even of the best of us manage to get infected with computer viruses from time to time. Call us paranoid, but when it happens to us, we don't look for a software program that may or may not completely remove the virus, we go big and completely wipe the computer. If reformatting is not an option in your particular situation, other solutions are possible as well.

Virus Removal Solutions:

  • We can reformat your computer and remove ALL traces of your virus.
  • We can use system restore or another program to try and remove the virus if you prefer not to reformat (it's faster than reformatting, but not as thorough).
  • We can help you choose & setup virus protection software (free & paid) to help protect you in the future.

Network Configuration (Wired & Wireless)

Networks should be easy to setup, but they are often frustrating to get completely right. They usually require complex configuration, unclear security settings, and typically don't operate at the fastest possible speeds or advertised ranges. We know; we've been there. We've spent a good bit of time running wires, navigating control panels, selecting routers & switches, patching holes in the wall and talking to ISP tech support. Let us use our expertise to help setup or optimize your network today:

  • Setup & Troubleshooting - We can setup your network and optimize your transfer rate.
  • Network Security - We toil to secure our networks; let us help lock down yours.
  • Component Selection - We can recommend the best hardware for your specific needs.
  • Access Points / Signal Strength - We can increase your wi-fi signal strength and increase the range of your network.

Computer/Software Purchasing

We are often asked for our advice in computers & components. If you need help deciding which hardware or software to purchase, we can help you achieve your goals.

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