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Website Design & Development

We recognize the critical roll your website plays in connecting you to your audience. Consumers are more likely to buy products from atheistically pleasing and well organized websites; readers will spend more time digesting your message if they can access content quickly and find material where they expect it; and people will trust your organization more if a website looks like it was built with care. All of this can be summed up in one word - quality. At Corlew Solutions, we are committed to building the highest quality websites, for you, and your customers and we carryout that dedication while listening to your needs, polishing designs, writing code and supporting your website after it has launched.

Custom Website Development

Websites come in all shapes and sizes. We can design, build and install your website whether it's small and won't change much or highly dynamic with databases and custom programming. All of our websites are built to be compliant with the latest standards so they will stand the test of time and we perform quality assurance testing before and after launch to make sure everything is correct. We are committed to making sure your website exceeds your standards and that commitment is continued for 30 days after launch with free support - if you find an issue.

All custom development includes:

  • At least two Design Mock-ups
  • Unlimited Design Revisions
  • Standards Based HTML / CSS
  • 30 Days of Free Post Launch Support
  • Pre/Post Launch Quality Testing
  • Project Manifest (Documentation)
  • Basic Google Analytics Configuration
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization

Technologies we frequently use:

  • HTML 5 / HTML 4.01
  • CSS 3.0 / CSS 2.1
  • Ruby On Rails
  • PHP / Wordpress
  • JavaScript / AJAX
  • jQuery / Backbone.js
  • MySQL Databases
  • XML / JSON

Content Creation

Creating content is easy; creating good content is hard. We've spent countless hours toiling over the wording on our own websites and many more hours working with customers to create content that is memorable, focused and optimized for search engines.

Ways we can help enhance the content on your website:

  • Writing - Give us the goals and tone and we'll do the writing (or create the art)
  • Meeting Participation - Bring an extra brain to the table who knows about technology
  • Editing & Review - Review existing content and recommend changes
  • Keyword Analysis - Tailor wording to help search engines better understand your content and find your website

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems have become the preferred way to manage content on websites in the last several years. The more popular systems like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla! offer excellent ways to publish and maintain content on a website, and they replace the need to purchase expensive software like Adobe Dreamweaver. A CMS powered website generally costs more to develop since they need to be customized to your specific website to get their full advantages, but once this is done, your long term maintenance costs will be reduced.

Benefits of content management systems:

  • No Special Software - Content Management Systems are just web pages in a browser. You will not need to purchase extra software to update your website.
  • Access Everywhere - Because Content Management Systems work in your web browser, you can edit your page from any device or computer that has a connected web browser.
  • Free & Paid Versions - Many Content Management Systems are free; paid CMS solutions exist for certain niche markets as well.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs - CMSs "lower the bar" for updating websites and many organizations can redirect this task to internal nontechnical staff.

Some content management services we provide:

  • Custom Theme Development - We can design and build a custom theme for your CMS of choice just like we would for a custom website.
  • Pre-purchased Theme Customization - We can find and customize a pre built theme or work with one that you have already purchased.
  • Custom Administrator Controls - We can fully customize your CMS with controls that edit specific content on your website.
  • CMS Development - If you need a highly tailored CMS we can even build you one from scratch. In fact, many sections of the Corlew Solutions website are powered by a fully custom CMS built with Ruby on Rails.

Website Maintenance

Even simple websites need a little TLC after they have been used for a bit. As web browsers & internet standards advance, the appearance & performance of a website will often degrade. If you have enhancements, change requests or bugs, we are happy to address any issues on periodic or on-call basis.

Sample services include:

  • Performance Tune - We can find and correct performance problems.
  • Manage Servers - We can monitor your website for errors, handle backups & compile statistics concerning the use of your website.
  • Manage Content - Send us your content and instructions and we can make the changes live on your website. We will support any response time you need.
  • Re-Design/Theme - We can give your a website a fresh new look while keeping the data and programming in place.

Performance Optimization

Users are more likely to use a highly responsive website that loads fast; while they may stick around for the first page load, visitors will likely "bounce" if pages repeatedly load slowly. The implication is clear, a website's success is directly related to its performance. Depending on your needs, we can perform over 100 checks that identify performance bottlenecks and then offer solutions to make your website load faster.

Some performance issues we consider include:

  • Server Load - Is the server powerful enough to handle all the incoming requests?
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) - Can files be moved to CDNs?
  • Gzipped Assets - Are files being compressed on the server before transmission?
  • Image Optimization - Can images be compressed while maintaining image quality?

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